Are You Prepared in Case of a Fire?

Make sure your home has the fire protection it needs

Are you confident in your residential property's fire protection system? Breth ZenZen Fire Protection will make sure you have everything you need in your apartment, hotel or personal residence, including:

  • Fire pipes
  • Valves
  • Sprinkler heads
You want to be sure your system is compliant with state codes, for your safety and peace of mind. Contact Breth ZenZen Fire Protection for the residential fire protection services you need. While we're physically located in St. Joseph, we travel throughout the entire state of Minnesota, including St. Cloud, St. Paul, and Minneapolis.

We'll be there from start to finish

Whether you need a fire protection system installed or overhauled, we'll spearhead the project from start to finish. We'll inspect and design a system to fit in your building. After approving the design and making sure it meets state codes, we'll purchase the materials and have everything installed. We'll also make sure it works. If your system is malfunctioning, we offer 24/7 service calls across the state of Minnesota. Sleep soundly by calling Breth ZenZen Fire Protection today.